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1Life Images provides a Professional Photography service to many forms of Events across New South Wales and other states in Australia.

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There is 2 types of image you can purchase.

Digital or Printed.

Please choose wisely, a printed image is a hard copy image that will be mailed to your postal address.

A digital image will be emailed to you and be ready for download INSTANTLY.

If you need assistance in downloading or if you are unable to download to tablet or laptop, please contact me and I will send via email.

If you have a coupon or discount code enter that in the coupon code section of the final payment process.

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create a login and use the shopping cart logo on each image to buy, or the heart logo to save your favourites for later purchase.

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Hire a photographer or team for your next event! Contact Elise on 0413 374 119 or email

We can organise a team of shooters to cover your large event, or just 1-2 shooters for something smaller. We will cover all the necessary details, right down to the uploads and the sale of images.

Do you want to be part of the TEAM? We hire PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS in all states across Australia.

If you think you have what it takes please email us at